Thursday, May 28, 2009

Freezer Paper Stenciling-I am hooked!!!

So last week I decided to give a new craft a try-freezer paper stenciling. Well, I am now addicted! I have done about 10 projects already! I will gradually be integrating the best ones into my shop, and the first one to be added is this sunny orange sundress. the hibiscus flowers and surfboard were all hand drawn stencils of my own design. It will be so hard to sell, I want it for myself! Check it out here:
Here's a tip for anyone who wants to try this out (and you should): I use acrylic paint mixed with a textile medium that turns the mix magically into fabric paint! It is inexpensive and I like the way it spreads better than fabric paint. Also, one coat is usually enough. More than that and it is easy to get bleed through. So get out there and try it!

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