Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Clambake Earrings

I love the colors pink and green together, maybe because they remind me that Spring is coming! In light of a new season approaching I made these Clambake Earrings out of baby pink glass beads and green shell beads. they are perfect for a seersucker dress and sandals! I've listed them in my Etsy shop, which brings me up to 10 items! That was my goal for this week. Hope they make you feel like Spring is in the air!


  1. So glad you met your goal!! And Pink and Green are never wrong together, in my humble opinion, LOL! In fact, My shirt that I am in fact wearing right now, is pink and green (and grey) seriously, true story!! =)

  2. Lol!! oooh grey with that combo would be pretty.

  3. Very pretty! I really like those green square beads, what a perfect color for spring.