Monday, March 16, 2009

There's a Whole World Out There!!

Sometimes I need a reminder (read-kick in the butt) that my world is not at my computer. I get sucked into the online world of my Etsy shop, Facebook, and any other random site I go to and forget to LIVE! So today, here are your instructions:Go outside!! Get dirty! Get Grass stains on your clothes! Count how many birds there are in your trees! Skip down the sidewalk! Do anything that doesn't happen inside. Even if it is just for 15 minutes, you will feel more alive than you did sitting here reading this! As for me, I'm going outside to find some rocks to look under, some four-leaf clovers for discover. Come on, let's go outside!


  1. Go outside, lay on a blanket, and ponder new ways for me to meet Mr. Wonderful.

  2. Excellent! I try to spend 15-30 minutes outside every couple of hours! That way I truly get to enjoy the day! For many years I worked where I never got outside during the day and it is one of the reasons I changed careers!
    Enjoy nature!

  3. Heck Yeah, Jami, I am with you!!
    I have had me a case of the blahs lately, and I think all I needed was to get outside!! Today, I actually took a blanket, laid on the lawn.. and soaked in some sun.. And it felt. So. Good.

    So, Yes, I am with you! Let's Go Outside! Yippee!!

  4. hehe. i hear ya!
    but... yesterday and today in nyc is filled with rain rain everywhere.
    perhaps soon it will get nicer out!