Saturday, February 28, 2009

New "Speed Shopping" on Etsy!

The wonderful people over at Etsy have created a fun and fast new way to shop! It is called "Recently Listed Items" and it is sooooo addictive!! Just click the link near the bottom of the front page right above the recently listed items ticker (which seems to be moving faster to accommodate more items, thank you Etsy!). A new page will start filling up with items listed 1 minute ago. So much fun! and you can mouse over any item to see a little bit of detail about it and a bigger picture. This is a great thing for sellers, but even better for buyers. Who doesn't love to speed shop!!
So go check it out! You might discover something you absolutely must have!


  1. :) it is fun!!! it makes time fly and before i know it i've spent an hr or so on it.

    btw, i have a feature and giveaway on my blog if you'd like to swing by and read/enter!